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About Us

In Developing Africa, we believe that people of African descent are part of Africa and their development should be linked to the development that it is taking place in Africa.

People of African descent will have a unique opportunity to initiate the development they need in their communities, if they are able to generate capital for themselves in the first place through employment and trade. This can be immediately followed by community-based development that will improve Afro-descendant communities in Latin America.

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Our modules have the specific economic value of creating modules based on the natural assets that Afro-descendants possess. These natural assets are sometimes intellectual property rights and natural assets in communities where Afro-descendants reside.


Our work will focus on Afro-descendant communities that have been left behind by the Latin American government and will allow economic development to occur. We will introduce technology that will allow people of African descent to begin creating economic opportunity.



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For each of our modules, the plan is how we can help Afro-descendants to generate income based on who you are, what you are, what you do, what you know and the environment in which you find yourself.

Our modules include:

  1. Arts – Art | Categories | Developing africa
  2. Companies – Companies | Categories | Developing africa
  3. Tourism – Tourism | Categories | Developing africa
  4. Materias Prima – Materia Prima | Categories | Africa en Desarrollo
  5. Tierras – Tierras | Categories | Africa en Desarrollo
  6. Talentos – Talentos | Categories | Africa en Desarrollo
  7. Eventos – Eventos | Categories | Africa en Desarrollo
  8. Modas – Moda | Categories | Africa en Desarrollo
  9. Ideas – Ideas | Categories | Africa en Desarrollo
  10. Hoja de Vida – Hojas de vida | Categories | Africa en Desarrollo
  11. Micro finanzas – Microfinanzas | Categories | Africa en Desarrollo
  12. Empresas – Empresas | Categories | Africa en Desarrollo
  13. Grupos Afros – Grupos Afro | Categories | Africa en Desarrollo
  14. Landscape – Landscape | Categories | Developing africa

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