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The AfroColombian Centre


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We are a startup community-based organization in Cartagena, Colombia serving the Afro-Colombia community and other marginalized groups living in economically distressed areas. We offer program and services in Education, employment, health, recreation and culture. In our Spanish account you will have access to more exclusive content, find us on Facebook as Fundación el Centro Afrocolombiano.


The Afro Colombian Centre is committed to providing empowerment to vulnerable communities in Cartagena – Colombia. Our logo unifies our values, principles, and beliefs.
Let us break down our logo—the globe wrapped by the Colombian Flag. Then around Africa to symbolize the interconnection between Afro-Colombians and the African continent. The union between the Afro people, whose past intertwined due to colonialization, injustice, and slavery. African culture and heritage were poured into our tropical country, making Colombia one of the largest populations of African descendants in the entire hemisphere.
The last element is also part of the string that binds Afro-Colombian people. It symbolizes the fights that this community has had to face to attain their freedom and recognize their full humanity. It’s been 169 years since abolishing slavery in Colombia, yet Afro-Colombians are still fighting for equality and justice. Systemic discrimination marginalizes them to the country’s poorest regions, with few opportunities to access education, health services, or employment.
The Centre values people from diverse backgrounds, serving to create an atmosphere of trust. For this reason, the person pictured in the logo embodies all Afro-Colombians who strive to build a brighter future. “With knowledge, anything is possible”; we aim to provide this as a means of empowerment. Each Afro-Colombian deserves to receive the opportunities denied to them because of their inherited characteristics or birthplace.